VK - Russian IT company that makes educational programs for universities

The task of this project was to audit the existing VK educational program, which has been implemented jointly with the university for 10 years, but has ceased to make benefit to the business.

Since I did not participate in the refactoring of the program, but audited it, the important results for me were the willingness of the business to implement the new concept, as well as the reduction of the faculty's resistance to change by arguing the proposed solutions on the basis of data. Despite the fact that this was a project work, the company representatives continue to offer cooperation in other educational programs
My solution
While working on the project I analyzed product and educational metrics, the quality of teaching and support, the student's journey during and after the training, the content of the program and the company's business goals. I also collected the viewpoints of employees who work with the course and hire alumni of the program. As a result, I reduced the length of the program by introducing backend and frontend specializations, since fullstack positions are not available in the company. This will cut the wait for staffing in half without the student having time to leave for another company.

I also redesigned the content of the program, changing the composition of programming languages and technologies to match the company's vacancies rather than the trends of the past.

An important step was to change the format of project work from company-funded theses on a topic chosen by the students to students performing company tasks as part of their internship. This allowed to optimize business costs.

In the course of the audit I realized that the quality of teaching made it difficult for students to learn, and since it was important to retain the existing teaching staff, I developed training for them to teach in the student-centric model.