Motivational soft skills
Pavlovsk Gymnasium - the private school in Russia

The task
Students were taught about the importance of skills development, but there is no general course that would help them to see and understand what flexible skills and meta-skills are, how to develop them and where to apply them. The program should prepare the basis for individual work within the framework of tutor support.

My solution
Full-time program-intensive for grades 9-11 for 2 days (5 hours), during which participants through the game "Flight to Mars" see the value of soft and meta-skills development for themselves, and after discussion of the game and reflection make a personal plan for the development of these skills for further individual work with a tutor.

"With our ambitious design, we got a great result. The topic of meta-skills is new and unexplored, so any work is a huge layer of research and innovation in the organization of educational experience. Which the methodologist did an excellent job with.

We got the game with well thought out mechanics and the large knowledge base. I really enjoyed working with the methodologist: consonance on values in pedagogy, open dialog, responsiveness and high professionalism made the work very comfortable and productive" - Mikhail Moroz tutor of Pavlovsk Gymnasium, customer.