Project management
Tinkoff - the Russian online bank and IT company
The main goal of the Project Management course was to reduce the effort and time required to develop confident Project Managers from employees of another profession. It was also to reduce the cost of project management by developing standard solutions, tools and disseminating Tinkoff's best practices.

The results from the pilot cohort and the main stream of the Project Management program were strong. Student return rate was 90% and satisfaction with the program, as measured by CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), reached 4.8 out of 5. Students noted that they found it easier to complete work tasks, and student executives emphasized the improvement of work structure in their subordinates.
To solve the goals, a hybrid five-month program was developed that included a sequence of authentic project tasks based on PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) principles.

As a part of the training, students learned and created the required artifacts of their projects. To build skills, students solved complex problems twice - first in a controlled sandbox environment in mini-groups with other students, then in their real-world projects, receiving feedback from leaders in the profession in the company. Sandboxing was essential to maintain the confidence of the young project managers and to share knowledge among the students.

In the process of developing the course content, we managed to collect the best practices of project management at Tinkoff by forming an expert community and immediately put them into the training to pass on to new project managers.

Before the start of the training, a selection process was carried out to ensure that the program participants already had an actual need to use the tools and that the knowledge gained could be of immediate benefit to the business.