IT Teamlead onboarding
Tinkoff - Russian online bank and IT company
In the "IT Manager Start" project, the main task was to address the lack of necessary knowledge and tools for new IT managers in the company. It was necessary to create a unified educational environment and provide support to new IT managers so that they could effectively master their role, use TeamLead principles and practices, and apply for Tinkoff standards.

After the pilot of the "IT Manager Start" program was completed, a survey was conducted among the participants and the results were very positive. 63% of participants recommended the program to their colleagues. The project also received the Tinkoff Glory corporate recognition award, which testifies to its significance and importance for the company.
My solution
To solve this problem, I assembled a team of internal subject matter experts who passed on the company's best practices. As part of the educational track I developed, each student studied theory and performed practical tasks, receiving feedback on the results. In addition, a system of individualized growth work was established, where each participant worked with a mentor to develop their skills. This is an important part of the program, allowing for rapid incorporation of knowledge into their practice. In addition, important elements sewn into the program were participation in a roundtable for aspiring team leaders and support from the delivery manager, reviewer, HRBP and direct supervisor.