L&D projects

BIOCAD - Russian full-line pharmaceutical company
Tinkoff - Russian online bank and IT company

While working in training, I not only designed educational programs but also worked on projects to improve the L&D function in the company.

Therefore, I can advise you not only on course development, but also on managing your corporate university.
Here are some of my results:

  • Framework was created to reduce time-to-market in Tinkoff. I have already managed to reduce the time of learning programs development from 3 months to 6 weeks
  • Competence matrix and self-assessment were implemented according to the matrix for Tinkoff product managers
  • The strategy have been developed and approved for the training of Tinkoff product managers for 2022
  • I brought top speakers as experts in our courses (e.g. Andrew Mende from Booking, Alexey Drutsa from Yandex)
  • I started an LXD community in Tinkoff
  • I implemented scrum in 2 hr teams as scrum-master in BIOCAD
  • E-learning was launched at BIOCAD
  • I created the training team to "package" educational products and build training routes
  • I coordinated development of BIOCAD LMS “CUB”
  • Learning community was launched for BIOCAD employees and events that stimulate sharing expertise among employees were created