Course developer projects
BIOCAD - Russian full-line pharmaceutical company
During my time working in training I have had time to try different tasks, so my portfolio also includes courses put together in Storyline, Rise, iSpring, etc. As part of these jobs, I independently formed the course content, wrote the script and packaged it in digital form.

I prefer to work with designing and launching educational programs now, but would be happy to consult your e-learning developers.
You can evaluate the assembly of the courses and, if you speak Russian, their content (unfortunately, I cannot provide examples in English, as the training was conducted for the Russian-speaking target audience).

Live without fear
An educational course dedicated to the launch of an anti-melanoma drug from BIOCAD. The aim of the course is to explain the risks and methods of self-diagnosis of melanoma to raise public awareness.

Management cycle
An educational course for company managers to familiarize them with the stages of effective management.

Effective infographics
A course on creating infographics for employees who regularly present the results of their work, revealing the logical and visual components of infographics