Yandex Practicum - Russian EdTech company that trains adults in IT professions
The challenge was to design a program that would allow experienced IT professionals to build a set of competencies that would allow them to work on larger tasks or get an architect position in their own or in another company.

I designed the course which made the number of sales is 5 times higher than we expected. While the course is still in production, I can't share its performance, but you can read the feedback about my work in this project:

"Xenia is a skilled and proactive methodologist, passionate about what she's doing. She knows how to communicate the value and importance of methodology to all the professionals in the team, helping them to apply new concepts to their work. Xenia is constantly pushing the boundaries of her knowledge by attending new training courses, by brainstorming with other methodologists and by taking part in professional meetings. As well as being a responsible and observant colleague, Xenia is also a warm and easy-going person who is genuinely interested in the success of our project, making her a valued member of our team" - Anastasia Ezhkova, product manager of the course
As a solution in the project, I developed a program of five modules, each of them involves a project to design an architectural solution (always in different contexts - from a trading floor to a banking application).

An important component of this course is the follow-up system, which is designed to broaden the students' horizons by changing mentors once a module and special events, and to prepare them for the job search - mentors and reviewers constantly emphasize the places they may be asked about in an interview, and at the end of the course, students are expected to practice system-design interviews.

While the core skills in the program are hard-skills, I've placed a strong emphasis on soft-skills as well, because it is differentiating a developer from an architect. Students practice them through workshops, public defense of projects, and interaction with other students.