A/B tests
Tinkoff - the Russian online bank and IT company
The main goal of this course was to increase awareness of experimentation among current product managers.

As a result, the course exceeded expectations and became the most popular and completed asynchronous course in the company.

The figures were as follows: NPS - 80%, CSI - 4.7, Knowledge Assessment - 80% of those who successfully completed it, COR 40% (the target value in the company was 10%).

A by-product of this project was the expert's involvement in the company's internal projects as a consultant.
To solve this task, I conducted research into the problems in running experiments in the company, engaged a top expert from the market (Andrei Mende from Booking) as a teacher, designed the course content and training format aimed at eliminating errors in conducting A/B - tests.

As a result of my work, I developed a fully asynchronous course consisting of webinars from the instructors and an interactive simulator of running an A/B test on a fictional Tinkoff product. Despite the asynchronous nature of the program, I also provided for student support: any student of the course could ask a question in the chat room where senior managers of the company's products were gathered (it was a great challenge to arrange such work with them).